To support adults with developmental disabilities in DeKalb County to achieve a greater sense of independence and quality of life.

The Gracie Center supports adults with developmental Disabilities to reach their highest potential through innovative collaboration with staff, families, and communities. Our goal is for all adults with developmental Disabilities to be genuinely appreciated and fully integrated into their communities.


Every business begins with a dream and The Gracie Center is no different.  It was born of a conversation ‘upon a midnight clear’ at a family Christmas dinner.  A mom of an exceptional child, soon to be entering young adulthood, was asked “What happens after high school?”

The mom answered with her dream for the child’s future… a place that would enable her child to continue to do what she loved most.  She dreamed of a place where her child could safely continue developing her independence, building her skills, and creating opportunities, friendships, and partnerships within her community.

Her dream led to the creation of a place where her daughter Grace and other exceptional people could continue to learn and grow; a place befittingly named The Gracie Center.

2010 - present

2010 - present


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PO Box 416, Sycamore, IL

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