Vocational Skill Development Program: Program Overview


The Gracie Center’s Vocational Skill Development Program focuses on helping participants (Crew members) with developmental disabilities acquire the knowledge, practical skills, experience, and attitudes necessary to perform capably in occupational settings.  As participants entering the program possess diverse levels of skills, abilities, and functional knowledge, The Gracie Center’s Vocational Skill Development Program can be individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each participant.  Many of the underserved developmentally disabled population in DeKalb County desire vocational services with hopes of finding employment opportunities that help them be contributing members of their community, as well as meet their own higher level needs of belonging and esteem.  Though the end vocational goals of each participant are different, The Gracie Center’s Vocational Skill Development Program can help some participants prepare for gainful employment and encourage a diversified applicant pool for local businesses.  


Goals & Objectives



  • Provide a variety of occupational settings

  • Create flexible, person-centered vocational tasks for hands-on learning and skill development

  • Support the individual needs of each participant



  • Participants increase their ability to maintain attention on a vocational task

  • Participants decrease their need for supports by staff or a mentor on vocational tasks

  • Participants successfully learn and demonstrate new vocational skills


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