Functional  Skills Program


The Functional Skill Program runs on Wednesdays and includes a variety of skill-building that can enhance many aspects of the Crew member’s (individuals with a developmental disability) daily lives and independence.  Most of the functional skills are related to social, life, and some vocational aspects that can be applied to each Crew member’s skill sets and are done in a variety of settings in and around our communities, which also builds lasting relationships, and connections.


Vocational Skills Program


The Vocational Skill Development Program is a once a week session during which Crew members will learn about various skills and practice these in an instructional, hands-on environment.   Locations for these sessions may vary depending on the setting and resources needed to create an accurate and realistic situation in which to learn the vocational skill.  Examples of locations include a commercial kitchen, on a functional farm, a mock restaurant setting, and an office.


In addition to our vocational program, The Gracie Center has a mobile concession vocational training trailer, The PopUp Shop, to broaden the skills and locations in which Crew will work.  Crew members and support staff from The Gracie Center will attend local events like area farmer’s markets, festivals, and fairs and practice their vocational skills in a realistic setting with typical customers.   The PopUp Shop meets all health code requirements and features an accessible, open design to accommodate a variety of physical needs of our Crew.


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